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Chinchillas, chinchillas, chinchillas . . .

Blue Flag Farms has changed quite a bit over the last several years . . . from a 300 acre plot in Madison county Iowa supporting an iris and daylily nursery, llamas, German Angora rabbits, Shetland sheep, Al Khamsa Arabian horses and a bit of hay production thrown in . . . to where we are today with a smaller plot up near Cedar Rapids, Iowa and just a couple of select interests.

This brings us to the one constant among all of our 'hobby farming' endeavors--the chinchilla!  We hope you enjoy our pages and perhaps even find some useful information.

BLUE S1 - One of our best for 2006.

Fun, Fur and Fancy

Raising chinchillas has proven to be a fun and enriching project for the Frosch family. With some time and attention spent toward research: Being mindful of their longevity (perhaps fifteen to twenty years with proper care) and their need for a simple diet. Both young and old alike can enjoy the satisfaction of caring for this clean, practically odor-free, luxuriantly soft little creature.

We strive to raise quality chinchillas for breeding and show. And we have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to acquire some good foundation stock from some of our country's best ranches on which to base our breeding program. We continue to breed toward improvement by following established breeding practices and keeping our minds eye upon the standards and guidelines of the Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative. Attending as many field days, shows, seminars and educational functions held by both of our national organizations and their branches throughout the year helps to keep us working in the right direction.

Show Season Is Coming . . . It'll be here before we know it! Hope to see you at the shows.


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